Mox Shoe Sizing

Mox shoes range from size 34 to 43. The table below translates the typical sizes.

Mox Size (EU) Fits Maximum Foot Length AU/US size UK size
34 21.4cm 4-4.5 2-2.5
35 22.3cm 5-5.5 3-3.5
36 22.7cm 6 4
37 23.2cm 6.5 4.5
38 23.7cm 7 5
39 24.2cm 7.5 5.5
40 24.7cm 8-8.5 6-6.5
41 25.2cm 9 7
42 26.0cm 9.5-10 7.5-8
43 27.1cm 10.5-11 8.5-9
44 28.1cm 11.5-12 9.5-10


Sizing Tips

When initially fitted your Mox should feel firm but not tight. After a few wears your Mox will soften and shape to the width of your foot but they will not stretch in length. Your toes should not be touching the end of your Mox.

Every shoe manufacturer is slightly different with their sizing so if it is your first time ordering Mox we recommend you measure your feet in centimetres and check you have the right size based on the table above. Here are a few tips for measuring your feet:

  • Stand with your feet shoulder width apart and weight evenly distributed
  • It is quite common to have two feet of different sizes so measure the larger foot
  • Your feet are at their largest at the end of the day

If you are right on the border between 2 sizes then we always suggest you choose the larger of the 2 sizes as Mox can on occasion be a slightly smaller fit that some other brands. If your foot is very wide you may be more comfortable wearing one size up from your normal European shoe size.

Of course if you ever want advice on sizing please email us via before placing your order and we would be happy to help.